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Flanigan Hill Farm


Belly - Fresh chunk

These 1.5 lb to 2 lb chunks of fresh pork belly are ideal for frying up or making mount-watering panini sandwiches. A...

Ribs - whole rack

The perfect slow-cooked meat! These full racks are packed with meat, but absolutely need to be slowwwwww cooked for...

Ham - smoked ham steak slice

A 3/4 inch thick slice of smoked ham cut right from the center of the full ham. These vary in size depending on what...


Hearty slices of smoked bacon. A mouth-watering blend of salty meat that sizzles in the pan but with far less fat...

Bone-in pork chops

Center cut or rib cut chops, 3/4 inch thick cut, 2 per pack. Weight is usually between 12-16 oz. Sold per pack.

Sausage - Sweet Italian Link

4 large, juicy Italian sausage links. Average weight is generally between 1 lb and 1.5 lbs. Mild Italian flavor is...

Sausage - Polish link

4 large, juicy sausage links, seasoned as fresh Polish flavor. Perfect for the grill or added to sauces. Weight is...

Sausage - Chorizo Link

4 large, juicy links, seasoned with just enough heat to add massive flavor. Perfect in Mexican dishes or as a...

Sausage - Breakfast link

15 little links, seasoned with sage. Caseless sausages so they can be cooked as links, crumbled up, or pressed into...

Roast - Shoulder, Bone-in

The perfect roast for pulled pork in the crock pot or slow cooked in the oven. An excellent blend of rich meat and...

Dozen eggs

1 dozen brown eggs from our Golden Comet hens.

Whole pasture-raised chicken

Delicious, tender, pasture-raised chickens raised and butchered on our farm.

Chicken Leg Quarters

2 leg quarters with drumstick and thigh meat

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